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Payment can be carried out through:


When you choose “PayPal“ as the method of payment, the goods are being prepared for shipping and
when we receive the confirmation from PayPal (PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A.), that the money
has been transfered to our bank account, we ship your package to you.

Advance Remittance:

In your shopping cart you choose the payment method „I pay via advance remittance“. After you have
placed your order and everything is okay, you receive an order acceptance via e-mail (do not confuse
the e-mail of the order acceptance with the notification that your order has arrived in our system, which
you get right away after having placed your order) with a demand for payment. Not until then you are
kindly asked  to transfer the money to our bank account and make sure that you enter all important
data – what you have received from us – in the money transfer form. The essential data is the order
number and your complete name. Upon receipt of the money the delivery of your order/package to
you is being carried out.  This method of payment is free of a separate charge, so that you only have
to pay EUR 6,50 for postage and packing if applicable.

Bank connection for money transfers within Germany: 

Kontoinhaber: Anzo Sadoni
Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB)
Kontonummer: 1004 955 983
IBAN: DE13 120 3 00 00 1 004 9559 83

Bank connection for bank transfers from abroad:

Account Holder: Anzo Sadoni
Bank Name: Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB)
Account Number: 1004 955 983
IBAN: DE13 120 3 00 00 1 004 9559 83

Please make sure that you always indicate the note of payee/ the reason
of payment, i.e. the order number as well as the name of the buyer/ customer.