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Welcome back !

Dear guest and highly welcomed person being interested in powerful designs and top notch quality,

Finally, you made it. You are visiting the homepage of Panzer Apparel. Panzer Apparel is THE new
brand within the merchandise segment. Though we are still a new brand, there is one thing you can
always count on:
Panzer Apparel only delivers high class clothing (Fruit Of The Loom Super Premium Quality) and
first class, unique and especially exclusive designs. Panzer Apparel hires only (no exceptions!)
independent artists who are on the top of their game.

Consequently, Panzer Apparel manages to rise above the majority of faceless bulk goods brands.
You will find these unique and second-to-none designs solely at Panzer Apparel. No where else.
Without exception, we only cooperate with the best of their game. Thus, we can always guarantee
the highest and best quality.

Our editions are very much on a small level, so that original Panzer Apparel is everything but surely
not dirt cheap. The individuality as well as our customers’ high demands concerning quality and
design are our philosophy. 

Anzo Sadoni
(president Panzer Apparel)