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Terms and conditions

What are your terms and conditions?

Here you can find the terms and conditions of PANZER APPAREL: Terms & Conditions

Bank Connection

What is your bank connection?

Anzo Sadoni (Owner)
Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB)
Account number: 1004955983
Bank Code: 120 300 00

For international bank tranfers:

Account Holder: Anzo Sadoni
Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB)
Account Number: 1004 955 983
IBAN: DE13 120 3 00 00 1 004 9559 83

When using a bank transfer please make sure that you ALWAYS indicate the EXACT purchase
order number/reference number.


What kind of different order status do you have and what do they comprise?

When you place an order it will be handled as an open purchase order for the time being. When you
have transferred the money via bank transfer or via PayPal, your order status will be revised to the
process of packaging within the next few days. This simply means that your order is being handled
and packed. Once that has been carried out your order status will be updated to shipped. If there are
problems with your order (due to missing products or a wrong address for instance) your order status
will be changed to In Process and you will receive an Email from us. Additionally, there is also the state
of Cancelled, which is about to come into effect, when your order has got to be cancelled due to the
fact that our accountancy has noticed that already 3 weeks have passed by without incoming payments
concerning your order. Moreover, we might as well ask you directly and then execute the cancellation. 

I have placed an order at PANZER APPAREL and I transferred the money right away several days ago.
Then why the status of my order is still “open”?

Depending on your bank it may take a number of work days until your money has been transferred to our
account. We update the status of orders regularly. In doubt, you simply need to be a little patient.
Furthermore, it might be useful to check your accounts current, since every now and then money is being
reversed when there have been made mistakes concerning the bank data. This is always done auto-
matically by the bank.

How long does it take an order to be shifted from the process of packaging to shipping?

Depending on the day of the week as well as the number of order, an update is usually done within a
few days. 

How long does it take until my order arrives at my place?

After the parcel has been shipped it usually takes two work days within Germany until the parcel gets
delivered. An exact and correct address is not only important, but mandatory. And, moreover, for freight
stations the exact and complete declaration of any entry codes is necessary.

The status of my order has been revised to Shipped, but I have not received anything yet?
What might be the reason for that?

This problem might occur due to several reasons. We ask you to take them all into consideration, since
they all have already happened!

1. A neighbour, your parents or a fellow flat mate have already received the package and simply forgot
    to tell you. So please ask those people first!
2. You were not available for the postman and he did not leave a message or even the nametag/your
    address label at the door was illegible or did not even exist. In this case you might find answers to
    solve the problem at the post office near you.
3. You might have done a mistake when entering your address or your address has changed in the
    meantime. We ask you to re-check the E-Mail of your order again. In all this cases you might not be
    successful and your order has not arrived after one or two weeks. If that should be the case it is
    possible that your package has been sent back to us (and we update the status again) or the package
    got even lost in the mail. In such a case you take the risk when you choose an uninsured delivery.
    Within Germany we ship our packages solely as DHL-Parcels (outside of Germany you have the
    choice with or without insurance – you take the risk). DHL-Parcels feature a tracking-number and,
    thus, can be traced by the post office. Furthermore, DHL-Parcels are insured up to 500 EURO in
    case of damage or loss.

I have placed several orders. Is it possible that you combine them, because I want to save the money
on postal charge?

Basically, this is not a problem. However, it is way easier for our accounting when we delete all the
single orders and you place a new and then combined order. In this case send us an Email to or give us a call. Otherwise, you simply transfer the money for all
the single charges and we will enclose the postal charge when shipping your combined order.
I forgot my password and/or forgot/lost my customer ID. How do I get it again?

On the Login-Screen you have the opportunity to receive your password via I Forgot My Password.
Simply enter your Email-address and you will get the information automatically. In order to prevent
the misuse of data, you have to – needless to say – enter the Email address which you used when
creating your account in the first place. The information will be sent to this very address. If the mail
did not arrive within a few minutes, you might check your spam-folder.

How can I contact you guys at PANZER APPAREL?

You can contact us via the following Email-addresses:

General Information:

Questions concerning your order (please make sure that you ALWAYS indicate the exact purchase
order number/reference number):

Questions concerning reclamation and replacement:


I want to exchange a shirt I ordered. How is this going to take place?

Exchanging unworn/unwashed/unused textiles is possible without a problem. However, there are some
things/points you have to pay attention to:

1. Worn, washed, dirty or by any other means in its value affected textiles are non-returnable – without
    any exception. 
2. Please ask via E-Mail or by call and inform us about your desired exchange-shirt, since some products
    might be sold out. This is the best way for us to plan things in advance. 
3. Send us your order, correctly addressed and post-paid and please include a short note, explaining
    your request. 
4. Please enclose/add EURO 6,00 postal charge (5-Euro-Bank Note + 1-Euro-Coin), since we have to
    ship your new shirt(s), of course!
5. Please use the supply note which is enclosed in your package. Simply complete it and enclose it in
    your reshipment. In case you do not have this supply note anymore you can easily download it here
    and print it yourself.

We sent you the wrong articles or another error caused by us occurred.

In this case please inform us, send back the article adequately stamped and we will exchange it and
credit or refund the postal charge.

- If you simply want to use your right to return the textiles without exchanging them, the points 1. to 3.
are also relevant for you. Furthermore, you are supposed to send us your bank connection.
Please make sure that your bank data is correct, since the money might be mislead otherwise. 

How long will it take until my exchange order has been taken care of?

Generally speaking, it will take a few days for your package to arrive at our place. And only then we are
able to start taking care of it. When we are handling your order, the status of your order gets updated.
It may very well take up to two weeks until your order is sent from us and delivered to you.

What address am I supposed to send the return shipment to?

Anzo Sadoni
Johann-Mohr-Weg 7
22763 Hamburg

Selection / line of goods

Are all your textiles made of 100 percent cotton?

If not stated otherwise, the textiles are made of 100 % cotton.
See some information about the single textiles below:

1. Fruit Of The Loom (FOL) Super Premium Shirt:
    -100% cotton, 205gr/m_ heavy quality

2. FOL Hoddie
    - 280 g/m_ heavy quality; 80% cotton and 20% polyester
3. FOL Zipp Hoddie/Zipp Sweater
    - 280 g/m_ heavy quality, 70% cotton, 30% polyester

What sizes do you offer?

Depending on each single article we offer the following sizes:

S = Small
M = Medium
L = Large
XL = extra Large

Your designs are so awesome, but of all things you do not offer any Girlie-Shirts. Why is that?

We are still a small company which – by any means – has to follow the principles of commercial
carefulness. Girlie-Shirts are planned for the future, when it becomes apparent that there is a vital
interest in such textiles. Feel free to mail us your wishes regarding Girlie-Shirts. Important: Let us
know which designs you would love to have as Girlie-Shirts. In this matter you may contact us via:  

When there are single products and/or sizes are provided with a „red light“, is it nevertheless possible
to order them? Or are those textiles out of stock then and will not be reproduced?

For the time being we do not offer the option to pre-order sold out textiles. Certain Shirts of
PANZER APPAREL will possibly be reprinted, if the demand is accordingly strong. We as a company
have to act in accordance with commercial principles. One of those priciples is that demand determines
supply. In doubt, you are welcome to request your wish for a certain desired design.


Is there a catalogue available or is there a retail store where I can buy PANZER APPAREL merchandise

No. The exclusive and unique designs of PANZER APPAREL are only available through the webshop

Your designs are killer! Do you sell poster of these designs?

Not at the moment. But if there should be a strong demand for one or even more designs we might as
well take die production of such posters into consideration.

Your designs look very martial-like and you use the Iron Cross a lot as a theme. Are your designs
politically motivated and do you propagate violence?

Not at all. PANZER APPAREL distances itself explicitly from all political extremes (left or right wing) and
does not advocate violence at all.. PANZER APPAREL is a brand, which unique designs have exclusive
aesthetic appeal.